Reading a button with The PIPE

Security Patrol Service Management

Documenting Your Officers' Patrols

By John Hewitt, CPP, CIPM II

How do you as a manager ensure your security officer makes quality inspections of your property? Obviously a good security officer is very familiar with his assigned tour, but without documentation, how do you prove that this officer completed all areas of his tour? There are many reasons to have such documentation as evidence. One of the most important reasons is evidence that may be needed in court or for insurance purposes. For example if there was a fire in a certain location of a facility, and you needed to prove the security patrol service checked the area 4 times that night, how would you absolutely without a doubt prove that the area in question was checked?

The days of documenting a tour with a form, pen, and paper are a thing of the past. There are many scan devices on the market. One guard tour system that I have used in the past is Guard1 Plus from Timekeeping Systems. With this system it is very easy to set up a guard tour. The scan device known as The PIPE is very durable and virtually impossible to break. The setup is simple; you can add “Touch Buttons” to any location you want your security officer to scan, then naming them on a card, and naming them in the Guard1 Plus software. Tours can be setup by location and or facility. Once your tour has been established, your guard just has to scan the location buttons, and the data can be transferred from the pipe (scan device) to the downloader on your pc. There are Incidents that can be set up for a button such as “door unsecure”, etc. Tour reports can be pulled up by officer, date, time, and location. Reports can be saved, printed, as well as emailed.

To ensure your guards are completing their rounds this is one of the best ways to ensure that patrols are getting done, and that there is a history of how often, how well your property is checked. A tour system is a way to provide reliable and relevant reports. This ensures the manager or client the job is being done.

Regardless of which tour system that you may acquire it is imperative to have this documentation in this age of Safety and Security and any litigation that may come from being without it.

John M. Hewitt, CPP, CIPM, is a Certified Protection Professional and a Certified Institutional Protection Manager, and is a member of ASIS International.